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 *Brief Ranking Information*

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PostSubject: *Brief Ranking Information*   Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:29 pm

We use ranks to set authority level, benefits, and permissions for our members. Promotions are handed out when you meet qualifications and requirements such as, dedication, activity on xfire, ts3, our site, and gaming with the clan. If you are able to accomplish a personality of responsible, trust worthy, respectful, and such, promotions will come to you. Staff Promotions are run a a bit differently though. Game admin is a benefit to Junior members and up. If you're below that rank you have the option to donate $5.00 for a server of your choice to receive game admin, with limitations, some servers may not allow this; this does not exempt you from following our game admin rules; understanding we can revoke it at anytime if you break any rules. General Staff to Management have the authority to promote members up to senior rank. Of course only when you meet the requirements for any given rank. Full Members + 2 weeks and up are the only clan members with the qualifications to apply or get nominated for staff.

Here, staff are not any better then our members. Every member has a voice we encourage them to use it. If someone doesn't agree with something or wants a change, we work for our members to provide the besting gaming and social environment we can.

(.:Pulling Rank:. Senior > Full > Junior > Recruit) [Does not apply to gaming, no one tells other what to do, we are here to have fun]

    Brief Information on each rank:

  • Recruit- New Member, getting to know them, under heavy evaluation (they have 2 weeks to get it together)
  • Junior Member- Fairly New Members, gaining trust, Ability to apply for game admin after 7 days + standard benefits.
  • Full Member- Trust Worthy, Truly Dedicated, full benefits such as our signature tech support, signature requests, etc!
  • Senior Member- Been in clan for 1 year + active all around. (Honorary Member). Extra Perks and Extra Benefits.
  • General Staff- Must be Voted in; clan vote (Clerks, Server Maintenance, Promotions, game admin apps)
  • Management- Must be voted in; clan vote. (Internal Affairs)
  • Administration- Must be Voted in; clan vote (Public Affairs, Clan relations, etc, Checks on Council, and ranks below Balance of power)
  • Council- Must be Voted in; clan vote (Anything below when needed, Like BOARD OF DIRECTORS KEEPS FOUNDERS and the rest IN LINE)(Top Rank)
  • Founder- Unavailable. (keeps clan on correct path; Founders)


  • EC = Easy Company
  • EC|R = Retired Member
  • EC|r = Recruit
  • EC|J = Junior member
  • EC|FM = Full Member
  • EC|S = Senior Member
  • EC|GS = General Staff
  • EC|M = Management
  • EC|A = Administration
  • EC|C = Council
  • EC|FAC = Founder Acting Council
  • EC|F = Founder

  • EC|U = Unit Member
  • EC|G = Game Admin
  • EC|K = Unit Commander

  • EC|ST = Staff Team
  • EC|IA = Internal Affairs Department
  • EC|PR = Public Relations Department
  • EC|RD = Recruitment Department

  • EC|UG = Unit GHOST
  • EC|UT = Tactical Unit
  • EC|UR = Unit Rolling Panzer Division
  • EC|UK = Knife Brigade

Thank You,
Easy Company Staff Team

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*Brief Ranking Information*
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