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 Oh noes!

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PostSubject: Oh noes!   Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:51 pm

I better stop posting this if I don't want to get banned!

For a Zombie apocalypse i would need a M1A2 Abrams a M3A3 Bradley with a towing hitch A M4A1 Navy Seal Style A M9 pistol with a suppresor and little tac lite and a laser, A Barret 50. cal Sniper Dont forget all 50 thousand rounds per gun (yes i shoot allot and at dead things sometimes) A life time supply of Sun Flower seed Gum KFC,Twinkies,buffalo wild wings, SPAM, And some Tuna fish,Skoal cherry. ohh and dont forget a german shepherd which i will name Trigger, And Well Flares And mortars and allot of fireworks.... Ohh hell yes! Don't forget andrew and his carboard box tank !! beat that ACEXAND!!
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Oh noes!
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