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 Shadow's application

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PostSubject: Shadow's application   Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:10 am

•First Name:Jake

•Aliases (player names):Shadow19941 (BF2),Shadow123456 (WOT), (Bf2142 dont have account yet...)


•Location In the World: United States, OHIO

•List the top games you own & play:World of tanks,Battlefield 2,Battlefield 2142,Battlefield 2 PR

•Do you have Teamspeak 3?:Yes



•Mic? yes or no:No

•How did you find us?:CTRifle

•Previous Clans: H-O-W,-=TAC=-

•-If so why did you leave your last clan:-=TAC=- I stopped hosting it (Deleted).

•Why do you want to join our clan: Seem to be a great clan

•Tell us something about yourself:Dont like phones.

•Anything else You want to add?:No

•Do you agree to join our Teamspeak 3 server whenever possible?:Yes

•Do you agree to wear our clan tags =]EC[= in any game, server, and program that you use:Yep

•Do you agree to at least check and be active on the forum at least once a week:If possible yes

•Do you fully understand and agree to abide by all of our Clan Rules:Yes

•Do you think that you have filled out the above honestly and to the best of your ability:Yes

•Can we hold you responsibile for placing your name in the Report in section of the fourms if and when you are accepted?:Yes
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's application   Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:14 am

redirected through xfire

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Add me on xfire: controltherifle
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Shadow's application
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